HelpAge International, Thailand

A tale of resilience

Snapshot from Thailand

Moon Sompanjan embodied the power and resilience of his community in the Piang Kok Village of Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Known for his positive spirit and active lifestyle, Moon could be found riding his bicycle, one of his favourite pastimes, when he was not helping the people of his village. As a member of the local older people’s group, he shared his knowledge to further the group’s initiatives. He recalled how the floods of 2011 were unlike any he had experienced in his life, forcing people who were affected to take shelter in a temple.

With the assistance of HelpAge International and FOPDEV, Moon and his group members were able to identify the community members most impacted, providing support and supplies to repair and rebuild their homes. Even though he chose to help others in need, Moon had first-hand experience of the devastation of twister winds, explaining how his home had sustained serious damage to the roof and walls in previous storms. His compassion inspired his community members to return the favour by selecting him as one of the recipients of HelpAge International’s support, giving him the resources to rebuild and reinforce his home.

Moon’s story is a testament to the care and respect given to village elders in return for their commitment to the wellbeing of their community. His group’s initiatives alongside PruVolunteers, HelpAge International’s CSR partners, have strengthened the Piang Kok Village infrastructure, preparing it for future disasters.



A tale of resilience


Elderly, climate change, disaster preparedness


HelpAge International


Piang Kok Village, Fang District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

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