In a sugarcane field in Dwangwa, Malawi, Lenford works vigorously to gather the harvest. Since joining a farming collective, he’s seized the opportunity to attend a wide variety of training workshops on topics ranging from occupational health and safety to the most optimal cane cutting technique. He says that learning how to cut the cane close to the base, but far enough from it that he doesn’t damage the root, has allowed him to reap more sugar. “Thanks to the training, I have a constant inflow of money now, unlike in the past”, he affirms.

United Purpose (formerly Concern Universal) began working with Malawi’s sugarcane farmers in 2013 with the aim of improving their livelihoods. By forming a collective, the farmers have gained enhanced bargaining power to lobby for fairer prices. Through local implementing partners, over 2,900 farmers in the Chikwawa and Dwangwa areas are now being supported through such collectives and benefiting from the training courses on offer.

With funding from the European Union and Solidaridad, Concern Universal contracted Robin to visually document the successes of the project. Sweet Success is a colourful, six-page testimony to what it has accomplished that’s easy to share with donors. Robin’s evocative images, insight-filled narratives and clean design work served to showcase project achievements and bring the facts to life.


‘Sweet Success’ – Supporting sugar growers

Agriculture, education, livelihoods

United Purpose (formerly Concern Universal)

Dwangwa, Nkhotakota, Malawi

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22mm, ISO 400, 1/160, f/4.5