Pierre flattens ground cassava on an iron plate. It will then get baked by the heat of the charcoal burning underneath, before he slices it into delicious tapioca pancakes. Pierre is a member of the Organizasyon Gwoupman Kominotè Pawas Sakretè (OGKPS), a community collective that serves around 360 farmers, bread vendors, bakery workers and other residents in and around the Haitian city of Cap-Haïtien. Member farmers can attend training courses on agricultural techniques and business management, and also receive supplies of manioc seeds from the cassava (or yam) plant to sow. The collective later buys their produce to use as ingredients in its bakery and cassaverie.

In response to a need to modernise these mini agri-processing units, the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) financed the purchase of a generator. This facilitates the processing of a greater number of orders, as the electric lights it powers make it easier for the bakers and cassaverie workers to operate at night as well. The profits from the sale of OGKPS’s bread and tapioca products are then reinvested into the cooperative. The IAF channels funding to well-structured, effective, locally-managed organisations in Latin America and the Caribbean; it’s easy to see why OGKPS was selected.

Robin was assigned to Haiti with the task of producing visual stories about three of the IAF’s grant recipient organisations. The result was a compilation of voices and images from the field, depicting the hard-working, committed spirit of the people involved, as well as the creativity and colour found within the local culture. For a grant-giving organisation like the IAF, which directly depends on the US Government for its finances, capturing the impact of its funding is essential to the continuity of the work. Not only do high impact visuals provide evidence of promises being carried out, they also prompt further support that enables the organisation to continue and deepen its good work.


Together we’re stronger


Inter-American Foundation (IAF)

Cap-Haïtien, Haiti

Camera settings
16mm, ISO 5000, 1/160, f/3.2


Robin Wyatt